Step by Step Checklist

Step by Step Checklist

Buying an EWP home step by step!

An EWP home?

Registered citizen?
No home / lot?


Registered through the website!

Please fill out the Registration form on this website. Within the next few days our sales department will contact you by phone or e-mail to enter you into the database, or to make an appointment for sale of a PPP home.

Contact your bank for to arrange your mortgage!

Bank requirements:
– Salary slip
– Thought about down payment?


YES – An appointment with EWP! Do you already know your preferred house type?

NO – What are other finance possibilities?

EWP Sales Department

Now that you have a tentative bank approval and appointment will be set up with the EWP Sales Department. During this meeting you can view the available lots and house types to come to a decision about your future home!

Type of House

Do you already know which house it’s going to be? Flor Tropical has 4 beautiful house types to offer Kibra Hacha, Wayaka, Trinitaria and Faya Lobi.

Lot Selection

The house types have not been assigned to lots. You choose your lot and house type of choice. If it’s still available!

Signing Preliminary Contract

The preliminary contract is signed when you have chosen a house type and lot. The preliminary contract is pending the final bank approval.

A down payment of Ang. 1000 is required when signing the preliminary contract.

You will need:
Copy ID
Salary Slip
Bank Pre-Approval

Final Approval Bank

Finalisation of the Bank Mortgage Approval Process

You will need:
Kadaster Proof of Property

Signing Building Contract (A.O.V.K.)

EWP request leasehold (erfpacht) with:
Copy valid ID
Salary Slip
Kadaster Proof of Property
Building Contract
Registry Form

Selection Tiles and Kitchen

Depending on the phase of construction certain options are available for your tiles and kitchen! You will be contacted when your selection has to be made!

Insurances for the Bank

You will need to arrange the following insurances  for the completion of the mortgage approval process:
– Fire Insurance
– Life Insurance


EWP sends:
Certificate of Registry (meetbrief)
EWP Invoices
Copy valid ID

Bank sends:
Signed Forms

Payment of Ground Rent (erfpachtscanon), Certificate of Registry, Mortgage and Notary Costs is required at this time!

Completion House

Within 12 months of start construction. After 12 months house will be completed!

In the meantime: With the Inspection card of Aqualectra you can apply for water and electricity

Official key transfer

Terms of Warranty

Please read your purchase agreement and warranties carefully. Don’t hesitate to contact EWP for questions.