Delivered Projects

Delivered Projects


In December 2012 EWP and the Government signed a new PPP agreement and kicked off project Acropolis. The location of this project is at Montana Abou and will include 84 exquisite homes in 5 different types according to the well-known EWP concept. EWP is continuously improving and perfecting this model by looking at ways to improve the buildings and effective use of space in architectural design.

Project lots: 84 lots
Project realized: June 2020

Cas Cora Nobo

The 229 Cas Cora Nobo PPP homes were built in a central, safe and quiet environment near South Zapateer and Cas Coraweg. This project was realized in several stages. The neighborhood was structured spaciously, resulting in a very pleasant residential environment. Thanks in part to the diversity and positioning of the different home types, every street in the project is unique.

Project lots: 229
Project realized: 2004

Cayena Gardens

In the centrally located Mahuma Area, near Esperamos Supermarket, 45 PPP homes were built and sold. ‘Cayena Gardens’ is situated relatively high and cool, in a picturesque and rural residential area. In addition, it is highly accessible, thanks to its proximity to a number of important main roads leading to Banda Abao, the airport and the town. The supermarket, schools (the university) and a large shopping center with banks, drugstores, doctors and wholesalers are within walking distance.

Project lots: 45
Project realized: 2008

Bista Musikal

The last house of Bista Musikal was sold in December 2011. With this, the third PPP project was finalized with 198 houses.

Project lots: 198
Project realized: 2011