We’ve written answers to the most asked questions about buying an EWP house below.

What do buyer’s costs (kosten koper) mean?

These are the purchasing costs payable by purchaser and include notary fees, land registry fees and stamp.

What are the warranties on my EWP home?

The warranty per project differs slightly and will be presented to you in full upon completion of the project. If you wish to receive an overview of these beforehand please consult the sales office.

What happens if I have pests in my home?

All EWP homes are fumigated and treated for pest before completion. You will receive the warranty for your pest control treatment with the documentation pertaining to your home.

Are the houses equipped with 110V and 220V?

The houses are only equipped with 110V; per house a detailed electrical plan is provided

How are all the utility wires arranged? Do I still have to arrange that?

All cables are underground for a clean, sleek and modern look to your new home. Outlets for basic additional utilities are also available in the house.

Which houses have possibilities for upgrades?

Some houses in the Acropolis project have upgrade possibilities. Additional upgrades within the possibilities that the lot allows are up to the owner and not part of the services EWP offers.

How much do I have to pay for upgrades?

Upgrades within the possibilities EWP offers are available at the sales office. Upgrades include room upgrades within the Basic, Basic Plus and De Luxe models, but also pertaining to tile and kitchen options.

Is the land mine or is it a hereditary tenure?

The collaboration with the Government and the possibilities that these starter homes offer are based on the arrangement to build on hereditary tenure lots.

Can I purchase 2 EWP homes?

The purchase of 2 EWP homes is not possible by the same person.

Who decides the notary used for the purchase?

The notary decision is up to the purchaser.

What will be done to the infrastructure around the house?

The infrastructure with streets and street lighting will be provided by EWP to some extend, depending on the lot.

Can I upgrade for fencing around my property?

Fencing of the property is not part of the upgrades offered by EWP.

Can I rent the property?

You are not allowed to rent the EWP property purchased for a period of 5 years after signing of the deed.

Can I use the property as a place of business?

The EWP home cannot be used as a place of business.

What are the Terms & Conditions for the 'Win a Free Drive Way', Introducing a New Buyer and 10% Discount offered by Betonindustrie Brievengat?

Win a Free Drive Way!

Eligibility / Conditions / Terms of Prize

First 50 buyers conveyed through a notary

The notary will randomly select a winner

A BIB sign / billboard (approx. 60cmx60cm) will be visibly placed by the drive way for a minimum of one year (12 months)

Winner will cooperate and participate with any and all advertising / announcements pertaining to promoting the raffle of the prize

The prize is a gift certificate for 60m2 of pavers

The prize is a non redeemable for cash prize / not exchangeable for cash value

The pavers will be laid by BIB in accordance with winner

BIB reserves the right the change terms conditions without prior notice

The pavers are selected / chosen by the winner, but the placement thereof will be done by BIB

Introducing new buyers!

The introduced buyer has to sign a purchasing agreement and pass the deed at the notary within the terms stated in the purchasing agreement

The introduced buyer has to sign a written letter of confirmation that he or she was informed about the EWP project Acropolis through the person in question

After the deed has been signed by the introduced buyer the possibility to choose an item in the model home will be arranged

The introducing party will cooperate and participate with any and all advertising / announcements pertaining to promoting the offer

The items in the model home are from the following suppliers: Techniek & Design, Omni Electronics and SIT Security

10% discount

The prize is a gift certificate with expiration date

The prize is for a one-time-use only

The prize a non redeemable for cash prize / not exchangeable for cash value

The prize is not valid with any other / additional specials, discounts, campaigns and or promotions

BIB reserves the right the change terms and conditions without prior notice


Janssen de Jong Caribbean employees are not eligible for any of the above mentioned offers

EWP reserves the right the change terms and conditions without prior notice

Willemstad, October 2015