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About EWP

Eigen Woning Plan (EWP), part of Janssen de Jong Caribbean

Eigen Woning Plan (EWP) is part of Janssen de Jong Caribbean. The Caribbean division is part of Janssen de Jong group with main offices residing in The Netherlands, where the company was founded.

Public Private Partnership (PPP)
In September 1997, the Island Territory and Private Home Plan established a type of cooperation that was entirely new to Curacao. The Government’s role in Public Private Partnership projects is providing suitable terrains and lending the expertise of government services like DROV (spatial planning and public housing service), DOW (public works) and Bureau Domeinbeheer (the directorate of land).

Anyone wanting to buy a PPP home should meet the certain criteria. In addition, the prospective buyer should submit information about his or her financial resources. This includes data like: income from salary, partner income, additional income, savings, and debts in the form of loans.

Quality first
Eigen Woning Plan is responsible for the design of the various homes. Future owners can rest assured that their new homes will be very comfortable, spacious, functional and modern. PPP selects good quality building materials for its projects. Thanks to this, and to the solid construction, maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum.

The most recent and ongoing EWP project is Acropolis. There are no less than five designs to choose from, varying in number of rooms and luxury details.
Acropolis in Greek means ‘the highest point of the city’. The Acropolis in Greece is a 156-meter mountain located in Athens. The houses on this windy Montana high point have appropriate Greek names; Castor, Pollux, Iris, Apollo and Zeus.
They form a cozy neighborhood with various recreational opportunities in the area.