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Acropolis promotion video!

What do you require

The EWP project is partnership with the local government and therefor the government has stipulated conditions to which applicants must adhere.

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home_icon2Steps in process
See how it works

In order to guide you through the process check out the EWP step-by-step checklist! We have described all steps to take from start to finish.

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Montaña Abou

The location of this project is at Montana Abou. Acropolis in Greek means ‘the highest point of the city’. The Acropolis in Greece is a 156-meter mountain located in Athens.

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home_icon484 houses
Different price categories

84 exquisite homes in 5 different types according to the well-known EWP concept. EWP is continuously improving and perfecting this model ..

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Types of houses

Basic / Plus / Deluxe

Bedrooms: 2 - 3
Bathrooms: 1 - 2
Const. area: 60 - 73 sq. m.


Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2½
Const. area: 86 sq. m.

Basic / Plus

Bedrooms: 2 -3
Bathrooms: 1
Const. area: 75 - 85 sq. m.


Bedrooms: 3
Bathrooms: 1
Const. area: 95 sq. m.

Basic / Plus / Deluxe

Bedrooms: 3 - 4
Bathrooms: 2
Const. area: 100 - 118 sq. m.
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Website available in Papiamentu and Dutch

Willemstad – Now the EWP website is also available in Papiamentu and Dutch. After several requests received by Eigen Woning Plan to offer the site in these additional languages, the project was started in order to make it even easier for some to purchase their Eigen Woning Plan home! 

Open House on February 20th!

Willemstad – Come to the Open House on February 20th and start packing to move in to your new Acropolis home. In collaboration with MCB, Banco di Caribe, RBC, GiroBank, Orco Bank, CHB and First Caribbean International Bank, Eigen Woning Plan is organizing an Open House to give you the chance to see how...

A New Year in Your New Home!

Willemstad – With over 50% of homes sold, Acropolis is offering once more a great opportunity to visit the beautiful housing project during the Hypertek Day. In collaboration with MCB and their Hypertek, Eigen Woning Plan is organizing an Open House to give you the chance to really experience project Acropolis. To see the...

About the company

Eigen Woning Plan (EWP) is part of Janssen de Jong Caribbean. The Caribbean division is part of Janssen de Jong group with main offices residing in The Netherlands, where the company was founded.

In September 1997, the Island Territory and Private Home Plan established a type of cooperation that was entirely new to Curacao. The Government’s role in Public Private Partnership projects is providing suitable terrains and lending the expertise of government services like DROV (spatial planning and public housing service), DOW (public works) and Bureau Domeinbeheer (the directorate of land).

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